From Principal's Desk

“Welcome to our beautiful college campus!”

Since 1986, Manbhum Mahavidyalaya has committed itself to the gamut of teaching and learning in higher education with the prime objective of rendering value-based quality education and providing extracurricular activities in the best possible manner. The College caters to the students from all sections of our society; particularly socially and economically backward students are looked after with special care. Nurturing students by a group of experienced, dynamic and energetic teachers is the most important characteristic of our college.

The constant growth in information and communication related technologies in the recent past has brought about remarkable changes in various aspects of human life and led to the creation of a knowledge-based society where knowledge is the most powerful tool for success. In the context, being familiar to the latest technical advances in various fields has become an extreme need of the hour. Hence, apart from delivering excellent academic content and development of skills through practical experiences, the students are encouraged to take part in seminar, quiz and debate competitions and to develop interpersonal skills through interaction with knowledgeable resource persons.

We keep providing high quality infrastructure for learning. We believe in openness and participation that would help all-round development. Our vision is to emerge as a leader in education in West Bengal and in India. Our strength lies in the beautiful teacher-student relationship and a prevailing atmosphere conducive to learning.

We look forward to the achievement of our beloved students and believe that they will be harbinger of the glorious future of our country.

Prof. (Dr.) Tarun Kumar Ghosh

M.E. (CSE), Ph.D. (Engineering), IEI (Fellow), LMCSI